What Do You "C" - Cultivating a Culture of Care - September 2023

What Do You "C" - Cultivating a Culture of Care - September 2023

All humans want to feel cared about.  We are in the business of caring or at least I would like to think so in healthcare.  Care is part of the root word in healthcare.  Establishing a culture of caring takes focus, intention and meaningful action through the following C’s.



Knowing your “WHY”.  Your intrinsic vision that drives you to persevere when things get difficult.  What is your why for working in healthcare?  Live and breathe your why every day!


Handing the baton off at the end of your shift with all the pertinent information that allows the next shift to seamlessly take over in full stride.  Bedside hand-offs are a great opportunity to show the patient that we care through continuity. 


Respect for those who support you from above and those who carry out your requests. Believing in positive intent of all unless proven otherwise. Please and thank-you are the magic words.  How often do you show caring by being courteous to all of whom you encounter daily?


Strive to have complete understanding and avoid assumptions at all cost.  Clarify, clarify, clarify.  Safety first, second and third.  Seek first to understand vs. being understood.  Everyone wants to be understood and felt heard in communication.  If I know you heard me I feel cared about.


Speaking up when your gut tells you something is not right.  Being vulnerable when you are unsure of a procedure.  Ask for support in the pursuit of great patient care.  Speak up when there is a space of learning and the care has fallen short of what it could have been.  It takes a ton of courage to care deeply for and about others.


Caring is not a sometime thing.  It is an always thing!!  A culture of caring is a baseline expectation.  Our reputation is built on what we do today, in every moment in every way!


There is a theme of all C’s because C reminds us that in order to have a culture of care, we must “SEE” it.  All staff need to be seen doing it, consistently and always.

What do you “C”?  Which “C” do you need to put more effort into?


This article was co-written with my husband, Steve, who works at Sauk Prairie Healthcare in the Nutrition Department.  He is also an ACC credentialed life coach who co-owns Enlightened Way New Day with me.

Thank-you, Steve, for your collaboration on the blog this month!



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Cella Janisch-Hartline, RN, BSN, PCC Professional Certified Coach, Nursing Leadership Senior Manager for Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative has been involved in various healthcare industry leadership positions for the past 40 years. The majority of her career has been spent working in an acute care critical access facility for nearly 25 years. Throughout her work experience, she has learned most of her leadership skills and techniques through the school of “hard knocks”. Cella’s passion for teaching leadership tips and techniques earned her the 2018 Outstanding Educator Award through the National Rural Health Association. She is well-known for her humorous, engaging and personable facilitation style.
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