Quality Programs


Wisconsin Quality Residency Program - The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA), Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC), and the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health (WORH) are excited to announce the next offering of the WI Quality Residency Program. Since the inaugural WI Quality Residency Program in 2014, WHA and RWHC have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Modules are intended for new or novice quality leaders in healthcare quality, and are highly interactive learning sessions facilitated by a team of expert and veteran quality professionals.

This virtual 12-month program is held from February 2023 to December 2023, on the second Wednesday of each month from 9:00am - 3:30pm CT. Presenters include WHA and RWHC professionals, leaders currently in their healthcare quality roles and past Quality Residents.

Click here for the schedule of Quality Residency Modules.

  • Pre-session work to be completed prior to each module
  • Interactive learning activities, including hands-on use of tools used for data-driven decision making and opportunities for reflection and dialogue·
  • Post Module Program Evaluation to provide feedback on learning each experience

Fee is $250 per module. Sign up for the individual Quality Residency modules by clicking Register Here. To learn more, email Jenny Pritchett, WHA Clinical Quality Improvement Manager, jpritchett@wha.org, or Janet Wagner, RWHC Quality Services Senior Manager at jwagner@rwhc.com.

Credentials Verification Services - More and more organizations are outsourcing credentials verification due to the expense involved with this labor intensive function. The staff time devoted to interpreting regulatory requirements, developing internal processes, seeking provider cooperation and acquiring primary source verification can be costly.

Electronic Clinical Quality Measure Reporting - The Quality Indicators Program is 2015 certified as an EHR Module for electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM) reporting. This certification, along with our current Core Measures Program provides an opportunity to maximize staff time, efficiency, and data accuracy while meeting your multiple quality measure submission requirements. For more Information and the Real World Test Plan,  click here.

Peer Review Service - In the late 1980s, a group of RWHC members identified the need for an objective, retrospective review of the medical/surgical management of cases – with a strong emphasis on confidentiality. It was also important that the program focus on the quality of the health care delivery process, from a system-specific or clinical aspect. 

Provider Quality Measures - Much like the Quality Indicators Program here at RWHC this measurement tool makes use of online webpages entered with non-personal healthcare information to determine if recommended care was performed. This program makes use of some retired core measures as well as measures featured in the Quality Payment Program and can be helpful in meeting the Joint Commission Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation requirements. We are always open to more measures to further improve the Provider Quality metrics and performance within your organization.

Quality Indicators Program - From board presentations and annual reports, to implementing major changes, no health care organization can afford to do without performance measurement data. The RWHC Quality Indicators program has met the criteria for inclusion in the accreditation process and is included on The Joint Commission's list of acceptable systems. RWHC is committed to meeting future criteria established by The Joint Commission.

Reimbursement Credentialing - Another unique credentialing service offered by RWHC focuses on reimbursement. With the growing number of health plans and payers requesting information about providers, it's reassuring to know that there is a service available to meet this demand in an accurate and cost-effective manner.