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Third Tuesday of Each Month
12:00-12:45 pm CT each session

Join anytime to begin a 12-month subscription. 

PLEASE NOTE: We request that each participant participate from his/her computer, and use a webcam. This will allow you to participate in the breakout group discussions that are an important part of the learning experience.

Annual Subscription Fee:
$275 per person

Subscription fee includes access to monthly Lunch-N-Learn sessions and recordings, plus associated program materials. Paid subscriptions are non-refundable.

Subscription is pre-pay only.

Program Description:

As healthcare leaders, our plates are full! Yet there are times we leave our work feeling empty, hungry for something different. We need sustenance to fill our own void, while gaining the energy needed to effectively fill the cups of others. Join us each month to rediscover the ingredients for success one bite at a time. In just 45 minutes, you will feast on leadership knowledge nibbles, network with others over lunch, and juice up on facilitated coaching…leaving each session with something to chew on and renewed vigor for your important work. Each subscription gives you a twelve-month banquet of rejuvenation!

Target Audience:

Healthcare Supervisors and Managers, both experienced and new in their role

Food for Thought: Do Any of These Sound Familiar?
  • You pour so much of yourself into your work that you feel depleted.
  • You struggle to proactively lead the culture of your team.
  • There is struggle to make changes and try something new. (It’s the same “meal” day after day.)
  • Staff surveys suggest they want their input considered more but when you ask for their feedback, you hear crickets chirping (No one tells you what they want for supper but then complain about what’s served)
  • You know you need a plan but who has time to create one? (Going to the grocery store without getting what you need.)
  • The mix keeps separating. Your team cohesiveness just won’t congeal.
  • The work just isn’t fun anymore. (You need more yeast to rise.)
  • Work and life commitments feel out of balance. (Too much flour, not enough egg…)
  • If so, you’re not alone in your hunger. Join our Grub Club each month for recipes of success through learning practical tools and techniques, networking with colleagues with similar needs, and participating in facilitated coaching

If so, you’re not alone in your hunger. Join our Grub Club each month for recipes of success through learning practical tools and techniques, networking with colleagues with similar needs, and participating in facilitated coaching.


Erin Smital

RN, Nursing Professional Development Educator, Nurse Residency Coordinator

Cella Janisch Hartline

RN, BSN, PCC Professional Certified Coach, Nursing Leadership Senior Manager

Jo Anne Preston

MS, Workforce & Organizational Development Senior Manager

Corrie Searles

MPT, Leadership Development Educator

Misty Koeller

Misty Koeller

MS, RN, Nursing Clinical Development Educator

Menu: Program Offerings & Objectives
March 19, 2024
Listening – Your Leadership Pot of Gold
Discover Listening Tips | Uncover Barriers that Interfere with Listening | Practice Listening Skills
April 16, 2024
Fun Dipping, Joy Digging
Explore Mindfulness Techniques | Make Space for Activity | Encourage Playfulness through Development of a Plan for Play & Joy
May 21, 2024
Blooming Where You’re Planted
Discover the Art of Asking for Help | Find Ways to Do Your Best Even When You’re Tired | Uncover Methods to Nurture Your Inner Being | Reinvest Through Self-Development
June 18, 2024
Work Life Integration
Explore How to Disconnect From Work | Find Balance Between Work and Life Commitments | Develop Trust-Building Skills
July 16, 2024
In & Out of Bounds
Establishing Personal and Professional Boundaries | Building Trust & Team Relationships | Saying No 
August 20, 2024
Mastering Our Own Behavior
Checking Your Own Behaviors | How We React Really Does Impact Our Relationships
September 17, 2024
Creating Defining Moments
Realize the Impact of “Defining Moments” | Highlight 3 Circumstances When They Occur | Apply EPIC Model for designing Defining Moments
October 15, 2024
Keep Them Listening
Communication Tips from “Lead the Way in Five Minutes a Day” | Self-Assessment | Identify Your Communication Habits that Interrupt Your Intended Message Being Received | Explore Tools to Help You Hone Your Message to Keep People From Checking Out
November 19, 2024
The Feedback SCARF

Understand the Science of Our Reactions to Anticipated Feedback | Outline the SCARF Threats | Explore Methods to Minimize Negative Reactions

December 17, 2024
Do You Hear What I Hear?

Understand How Validation Enhances Perceptions of Being Heard (even if you don't agree)  | Learn the Basics of Validation | Appreciate How Validation Can Improve Relationships with Others

January 21, 2025
Procrastination: It’s Not ALL Bad

Procrastination – Understanding What It Does For Us | Exploring the Needs that Procrastination Meets For Us | Simple “Starts” Based on Your Personality Style to Get You Moving

February 18, 2025

Distinguish the unique differences of Will, Heart & Mind | Reflect on how those influence our leadership and its outcomes | Determine where to focus improvement efforts

March 18, 2025
Accountability One Bite At a Time

Leaders Must Go First | Recognizing Accountability Traps | Dealing with We vs. They Challenges | Inadvertently Derailing Accountability Efforts

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