Communication Cornerstones

Communication Cornerstones:
Foundational Blocks for Effective Interactions

 Bi-Monthly Lunch-N-Learn  


Third Thursday of Every Other Month
Beginning February 2024
12:30-1:15 pm CST each session
Unlimited number of participants per facility 

PLEASE NOTE: We request that each participant participate from his/her computer, and use a webcam. This will allow you to participate in the breakout group discussions that are an important part of the learning experience.

Annual Subscription Fee:

$2,400 per facility*

*Each hospital and its hospital-owned clinics are defined as one facility. Each independently-owned clinic is defined as one facility.

Fee includes access to the bi-monthly, virtual/live sessions and recordings, plus associated program materials. Access to all six recordings and materials will be available through June 2025.

Fee will be invoiced to the facility and is non-refundable.


Don’t miss your chance to join live sessions! Join by February 1. 
(Access to all of the year’s recordings will be available if registering after the deadline.)

Visit the RWHC Leadership Series web page to view all our class offerings.

Target Audience:

All healthcare-related employees in any role across the facility.

Program Description:

Effective interactions play an integral part to the achievement of patient experiences and coworker relationships. Every employee contributes to that success both directly and indirectly. Enhancing interaction skills such as communication, conflict resolution, trust, service, confidentiality, and the tools of communication can go a long way towards not only elevating patient satisfaction, but also employee retention and engagement efforts.

The challenge is… how can hospital organizations affordably train frontline staff in these skills, given the variety of shifts and demands of the work their service requires? We have a solution! Based on the input of the members from the RWHC Human Resource Roundtable, our Education Team has created a flexible way to deliver upon the request to meet these needs for all employees.

How it Works:
  • Each subscription allows a hospital organization access to all 6 sessions, their recordings, and materials. 
  • Two weeks before each session, the facility’s identified superuser will be sent the link for virtual participation, including related materials (handouts and/or facilitator guides) for use during live sessions and breakouts. 
  • Each organization can choose how they wish to communicate the virtual lunch-n-learn sessions, the method by which they utilize the link, and how they want to encourage participation among staff.
  •  Facilities can choose who to include and how to broadcast the sessions through several means: 
        1. -  In one centralized location for a large group with a facilitator 
          -  Individually by sharing the link and materials broadly throughout the facility 
          - As small groups or departments by sharing the link and materials with department managers 
  • For those unable to participate in the live sessions, recordings of the lunch-n-learns and the materials will be available for the superuser to access via their individualized RWHC portal. The superuser can then copy and share the recording link and materials freely across the facility as needed. The links can be posted to organizational intranet sites if desired for easy access. 
  • The growing list of recordings and materials will be available within two weeks following a live session.
  • Access to recordings and materials will continue through June 2025, at which point the links will expire, allowing up to 6 months beyond the final session for organizations to use the training and materials. 
  • Each year, a fresh series of training topics will be made available.

Erin Smital

RN, Nursing Professional Development Educator, Nurse Residency Coordinator

Cella Janisch Hartline

RN, BSN, PCC Professional Certified Coach, Nursing Leadership Senior Manager

Jo Anne Preston

MS, Workforce & Organizational Development Senior Manager

Corrie Searles

MPT, Leadership Development Educator

Misty Koeller

Misty Koeller

MS, RN, Nursing Clinical Development Educator

First Year Program Offerings:
February 15, 2024
Communication –
Connection & Influence

Communication is at the heart of all human interactions. It can make or break relationships. Discover 4 Principles for Connecting when communicating and identify how communication impacts service to others.
April 18, 2024
Living Service Values
Every Day

Whether in direct patient care or not, every employee has customers they serve. Understand the universal needs of service, apply AIDET principles (adapted from Studer) for delivering good service, and be introduced to the HEAL method for service recovery.
June 20, 2024
Resolving Conflict Even
When It’s Uncomfortable

Very few people enjoy conflict. Many avoid it. We all have it. Learn foundational skills to bravely step into conflict while maintaining respect with and for others in the process of moving towards resolution.
August 15, 2024
Creating a Trusting
Relationship with Others

When trust is missing or shaken, relationships suffer. Both patients and peers seek trusting relationships with those around them. Re-examine the building blocks of trust and restore practices that earn and maintain trust with others.
October 17, 2024
Using Communication Tools
Their Intended Way

With so many ways to communicate, how do you know what to use when…and how? Review key elements of email etiquette and distinguish the intended uses for various communication methods.
December 19, 2024
Social Media & HIPAA
in Small Towns

While the use of social media is personal, it can impact work-related relationships—bringing people together…or creating unintended separation and contributing to poor perceptions. If not carefully managed, social media also risks breaching patient confidentiality— a consequence much preferred to be avoided!

Future topics being considered for 2025 include Generational Diversity, Understanding Bias, Inclusion and Belonging, Giving and Receiving Feedback, among others. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions!