Wipfli-RWHC Champion of Change Award

Wipfli–RWHC Champion of Change Award

Program Statement Purpose:

To encourage and share organizational changes that have made a difference for rural healthcare in Wisconsin. Some examples of “champion of change” recognition include service offerings that increase access in rural communities, enhancements to current revenue streams, strategies that reduce the cost of healthcare, changes to staffing and recruitment initiatives, etc. …. any change that deserves a shout-out.

Email applications to:  Holly S Pokrandt, CPA | Partner | Wipfli LLP


    • First Place  ($1,500):  Laura Reilly, RN, BSN, OCN, Director of Clinic Nursing and Quality, Southwest Health, for “Implementation of Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Transitions of Care Management (TCM) Programs.”
    • Honorable Mention ($500):  Rob Lovejoy, Chief Operating Officer, Vernon Memorial Healthcare, Inc., for “Organizational Development/Employee Engagement.”
    • Honorable Mention ($500):  Renee Glesner, Education and Training Coordinator, Door County Medical Center, for “Creation of In-House CNA Program.”

    • First Place ($1,500):  Amy Hollis, MHA, CRA, RTR(M), Director of Imaging Services, at SSM Health Monroe Hospital for “Maximizing the Utilization of MRI Equipment."
    • Honorable Mention ($500):   Corey Schmidt, Director of Laboratory, Southwest Health, Platteville for "Recognizing That it Was More Cost Effective to Perform Many Lab Tests In-House Instead of Sending to an Outside Lab."
    • Honorable Mention ($500):   Linda Ryan, RN, Clinic Care Coordinator, for & Kelli Meskimen, RN, Transitional Care Nurse, at Crossing Rivers Health, Prairie du Chien for " Developing a Process to Standardize the Discharge and Follow Up Process for Patients–Transitions of Care (TCM) Model–Allowing for TCM Reimbursement."

    • First Place ($1,500):   Amanda Reilly, Director of Quality Services, at Southwest Health for “Introducing the Use of a Registered Nurse Flex Pool.”
    • Honorable Mention ($500): Ashley Thayer, PT, Director of Rehab Services, at Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital and Clinics for “Discontinuing the Use of Linen in Care of Rehab Patients.”
    • Honorable Mention ($500):   Brian Swain, Accounting & Material Services Manager, at Stoughton Health for “ Eliminating the Use of Paper Statements for Credit Card Company.”

    • First Place ($1,500):   Dan Arndt & Autumn Kumlien, Operations Services and Nutrition Coordinators, at Stoughton Hospital for “Reducing Staffing and Leveraging Community Partnerships.”
    • Honorable Mention ($500):   Melody Hargis, Director of Inpatient Services, at Door County Medical Center for “Implementing a New Staffing Plan that Called for Two IC Nurses Inhouse 24/7.”
    • Honorable Mention ($500):  Judy Dayton, Director of Ancillary Services, at Gundersen Boscobel Clinic for “Restructuring the Lab Status.” 

    • First Place ($1,500):  Sauk Prairie Healthcare:  David Pulvermacher, Maintenance Mechanic
    • Honorable Mention ($500):  Stoughton Hospital Association:  Liz Touchett, Rehab Services Manager
    • Honorable Mention  ($500):  Mile Bluff Medical Center:  Rebecca Oetzman , Accounting Director

    • First Pla ce ($1,500) :  Fort HealthCare:  Greg Dempsey, Facilities Manager
    • Honorable Mention ($500):   Southwest Health Center:  Todd Lull, Director of IT
    • Honorable Mention ($500):   Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital:  Accounting Director , Director of Materials Management; Rick Sauer, Director of Financial Services; Lynn Dederich , Distribution Assistant; Jody Cotton , Distribution Assistant; Holly Halberslaben , Clinic Manager; and Jennifer Ekenberg , Registration Specialist

    • First Place ($1,500):  Mauston: Jodi Lankey, Purchasing Agent
    • Honorable Mention ($500):   Stoughton: Julie Stenbroten, Home Health Manager
    • Honorable Mention  ($500):  Rhinelander:  Lisa Michaelis-Alft, Regional Director of Lab Services

    • First Place:  Monroe Clini c:  Rhonda Roenneburg, Director of Imaging Services
    • Honorable Mention:  Fort Healthcare : Sally Fetherston, Materials Manager
    • Honorable Mention:  Stoughton Hospital:  Autumn Kumlien, Clinical Dietitian, and Penny Bauman, Senior PC/LAN Analyst
    • First Place:  Ministry Door County Medical Center: Dale Massey, Manager of Patient Registration
    • Honorable Mention:   Southwest Health Center: Nicole Adrian, Pharmacy Purchasing Control Technician
    • Honorable Mention:   St. Clare Hospital: Melinda Schoen, CQI Director

    • First Place:  Vernon Memorial Healthcare: Terry Bullock, Accounts Payable Clerk, Jessica Bjerkos, Accountant, and Lynn Taylor, Accountant
    • Honorable Mention:  Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital: Rita Kazda, Food Services Supervisor, and Tara Ringler, Dietician
    • Honorable Mention:  St. Croix Regional Medical Center (SCRMC): Tara Yunker, Director of Pharmacy, and Anita Lundquist, Manager of Unity Pharmacy

    • First Place:  Boscobel Area Medical Center: Nursing Staff, Fair Changes Scheduling Process that Reduced Overtime.
    • Honorable Mention:  Stoughton Hospital Association: Public Relations Department, Consolidating Multiple Newsletters into One Quarterly Publication
    • Honorable Mention:  Richland Hospital: Jim Summwalt, Revising Procedures for Maintaining Hospital's Boiler System

    • First Place:  Reedsburg Memorial Hospital: CRNAs, Revisions to Anesthesia Gas Use & Flow Rates
    • Honorable Mention:  Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital: Kelli McKee, Elimination of Unnecessary Paper Reports
    • Honorable Mention:  Richland Hospital: Monica Fry, Reduction in Cost of Digital Record Keeping