Programs & Benchmarking

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RWHC strives to be responsive to members’ needs in an ever-changing health care environment. We organize cooperative work groups and educational programs that address topics identified via roundtables, board meetings or individual member requests. With an emphasis on rural-specific issues and networking opportunities, RWHC has developed successful projects and programs in a number of areas.

One example would be the RWHC Compliance Library. Created in response to growing pressure from regulatory agencies, the project originated from our Corporate Compliance Focus Group. The library resources are available to those members who have paid a minimal fee to borrow the books, journals and videos in our collection. For an additional fee, participants receive quarterly updates to the "RWHC Corporate Compliance Plan." By pooling funds, participating members are able to access these materials which can be quite expensive to purchase on an individual basis.

Other examples of cooperative programs include:

Educational Programs – APCs, Drug Diversion, EMTALA, HAZMAT, EPI-Info

Work Groups – PR/Marketing Communications Kit, Patient Satisfaction Survey, Coding & Billing

Benchmarking Projects – Billing for Outpatient Supplies, Rehab Procedures, Lab and X-ray Procedures, Denied Claims Project, ER EM reporting, and Modifier Utilization

For additional information about our Work Groups and Educational Programs, please contact the RWHC Office at (608) 643-2343.