RWHC Quality Indicators Program

Provider Quality Indicators Program

Whether your hospital is PPS or Critical Access, RWHC can help you design a group of measures that meet your participation requirement for Medicare, The Joint Commission, or other public-reporting agencies. We help make sure you “get it right.”

Core Measures

RWHC has successfully met the technical requirements and is approved to transmit data for the following ORYX® hospital core measure sets:

  • Inpatient ED Throughput
  • Inpatient Immunization 
  • Inpatient Perinatal Care
  • Inpatient Sepsis
  • Inpatient Substance Use
  • Inpatient Tobacco Treatment 
  • Inpatient Venous Thromboembolism 
  • Hospital Outpatient: (AMI, Chest Pain, Emergency Dept., Stroke, Colonoscopy) 
Non-Core Measures
  • Hospital and Swing Bed

RWHC submits your Core Measures and your ICD Population and Sampling reports for you, in plenty of time so that any last minute changes or edits can be done without a panic.

We offer a secured environment with minimal computer system requirements. Our web tools are easy to use, and meet CMS and The Joint Commission’s requirements. We can work with your EHR system to import demographic and clinical data directly into our database, reducing your abstraction time and increasing accuracy. Our re-abstraction service complements your abstractor training programs and data validity needs.

RWHC has developed clear, concise, at-a-glance and on demand reports so that you and your stakeholders can easily identify areas of strong performance as well as opportunities for improvement.

By partnering RWHC's Core Measures service with our  RWHC’s eMeasures Solution, we can offer a state of the art product at a competitive price. Let us maximize your investment dollars by building a total quality reporting package, tailored to your unique needs.

RWHC has developed clear, concise, and at-a-glance reports so that you and your stakeholders can easily identify areas of strong performance as well as opportunities for improvement.  No need to wade through pages of data you will never use.  Many of our reports are online, generated “just in time” for you and by you! Benchmark data is also included to allow you to compare your hospital against others. Whether you want broad indexing or drill-down capability, RWHC has the reports you need!

QI Consulting:
Does your QA or QI program feel the DRIP syndrome:  Data Rich, Information Poor? Moving your data from collection to analysis to improvement in systems and processes is the recipe for transforming care at the bedside.  Our staff know the conversations about small volumes and best practices. We also know that smaller hospitals have unique opportunities for change and growth at a pace not possible in larger facilities.
  • Positioning your program for inclusion into your hospital’s strategic goals is vital. Knowing where you have been in patient safety and quality of care, can play a key role in setting a course for the future.
  • A great quality program engages discussion by executives, physicians, and stakeholders. It evokes the imagination and innovation of bedside caregivers, who know and can do the best. Presenting your data is just one part of the puzzle.
  • While RWHC’s Quality Indicators Program may not be the glitziest package you will see as you shop for a vendor, our staff provides a level of service, support, and value that will exceed your expectations. 
  • RWHC provides many other services that can help your hospital provide more of the factors that make patient care better, and our hospitals better places to work. Please look at the other programs that are offered here at RWHC.  Then call us to discuss current pricing and packages that meet your hospital’s needs.

For more information  contact Janet Wagner at , or 1-800-225-2531.

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