Reconnecting To Your Purpose

Reconnecting To Your Purpose

The purpose in our life is our why. What is important to us? What are we meant to do? How are we supposed to be impacting the world? Our heart knows the path. Unfortunately, our brain gets in the way. Part of the journey to refueling our heart is always staying connected to our why. The place that is meant for us and for our intrinsic gifts to come forward to impact the world in the way that only we can.

The day to day busyness and all the responsibilities can derail us from our why. Adult…itis is always lurking. This busyness causes us to lose track of what is important to us, what really matters. Then add on more stress, the pandemic, the grief, unexpected events and life circumstances which leads many to complete exhaustion. Sound familiar? We get further and further removed from our heart’s truth when we spin and spin in adult...itis. .

Worldly expectations also have an impact too. Many of us have spent years trying to please others and/or meet other’s expectations of what we “should” be doing instead of following our own heart. Pleasing and following others results in the loss of self at a great expense. Numerous adults I have coached over the years have told me that they have lost their way and don’t even know who they are anymore. When we put on the worldly mask, follow others expectations and run away from our purpose there is no way to show up authentically in our lives. This leads to feeling unfulfilled in all aspects of our lives. It is time to ditch the mask and step into authenticity, into our true purpose.

When we are truly connected to our purpose, others should be able to feel, see and detect it. Our why will naturally inspire others in our midst. Our purpose is tucked away in our heart area. Our brains are so loud sometimes that we miss the subtle whispers of our soul. We need to get quiet enough to hear those whispers.

Today, I challenge you to turn back to your purpose, to reconnect to what is important to you, to take a moment to reflect on your why. When you live and follow your purpose you will innately be living your legacy…creating your living legacy. Your life will come more easily and naturally because you are living and breathing your heart’s passion and sharing your intrinsic gifts with others in the way that you were meant to impact this world.


• Reconnect with your why. Follow your heart.
• Write it down. Read it when you need to be reminded.
• Meditate on it or take the necessary action to listen to the whispers of your soul.
• Choose to bring it to life every day.
• Daily reflect on how did I do living my purpose today? Course correct when needed so that you are constantly living your purpose and true legacy.

Part of the journey in refueling your heart is staying connected to your purpose…your why. Your heart knows the way. Are you listening and taking action?


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Cella Hartline Cella Janisch-Hartline, RN, BSN, PCC Professional Certified Coach, Nursing Leadership Senior Manager for Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative has been involved in various healthcare industry leadership positions for the past 40 years. The majority of her career has been spent working in an acute care critical access facility for nearly 25 years. Throughout her work experience, she has learned most of her leadership skills and techniques through the school of “hard knocks”. Cella’s passion for teaching leadership tips and techniques earned her the 2018 Outstanding Educator Award through the National Rural Health Association. She is well-known for her humorous, engaging and personable facilitation style.
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