Professional Services

  • Coding Consultation Service - Today, more than ever, correct and accurate coding directly impacts reimbursement at your facility. With that in mind, RWHC has developed an innovative coding consultation service that will help your staff meet the heightened demand for coded information. The RWHC Coding Consultation Service is designed to offer practical solutions to your every day coding needs. Our goal is to educate and prepare your staff members to handle any coding challenges that may arise in an inpatient, outpatient or ambulatory surgery setting.
  • Legal Services - Sarah Coyne, Partner, Quarles & Brady, provides general counsel to RWHC members on a number of issues. This "shared service" provides a centralized source for common legal concerns at a discounted rate.
  • Mystery Shopper Program - Exclusively for RWHC Members, this program aligns Member hospitals that are willing to "mystery shop" one another's facilities to help each hospital improve their customer service experience. 
  • RWHC Network, Inc. (Managed Care Contracting) - Established in 1997, the RWHC Network is a separate corporation that negotiates contracts with insurance companies, managed care plans and employers on behalf of hospitals that are members of RWHC.
  • Speech and Audiology Services  - Providing a full spectrum of clinical services can be challenging to many rural hospitals. RWHC offers an impressive range of services to our members, whose needs and interests vary considerably. In each case, RWHC handles the hiring, scheduling, credentialing, and reimbursement arrangements for the healthcare professionals we recruit and retain.
  • Workforce Development  - Continuing workforce shortages and intense competition have forced healthcare providers to consider creative ideas for recruiting and retaining staff. With that in mind, RWHC provides workforce development services and programs exclusively to RWHC hospitals.