Community Economic Development

    The Community Economic Development (CED) Program is founded on the belief that rural hospitals can only be as economically viable as their rural communities. Through this initiative RWHC works to bolster the vitality and sustainability of rural Wisconsin communities for both the health of the community and the health of the RWHC member within that community.

    The Community Economic Development Program offerings include:

    • Professional development trainings for RWHC members focused on CED topics

    • Community Economic Analyses of interested members’ communities through a partnership with UW Extension for facilitation
    • Compiling and disseminating relevant local economic data for RWHC members
    • Developing a toolkit of effective CED strategies for member use
    • Serving as a liaison to Wisconsin’s existing network of economic development professionals and resources
    • Acting as an accessible resource for members on community economic development issues as they organically arise
    Marie Barry