Community Economic Development


Mark your calendar for Community Economic Development Offerings:
2022 Schedule
  • February 2nd
  • April 13th
  • July 20th
  • October 12th

Dr. Tessa Conroy, Assistant Professor & Extension Economic Development Specialist at UW-Madison
Ben Case & Kiersten Frobom, Evidence Analysts at UW Population Health Institute
Brian Stephens, CEO of Door County Medical Center

Program Description: 

As many industries face workforce shortages, there is a growing awareness about the necessity of childcare to support an adequate and available workforce. However, the effects of childcare stretch far beyond workforce availability into the bottom line of hospitals, early childhood brain development, and childhood health outcomes. Learn how hospitals can support childcare in their communities and how communities can partner with healthcare institutions to improve the local availability and quality of childcare.

Questions that will be covered include:

  • How can healthcare institutions use their existing assets to support and increase local childcare capacity?
  • What motivators exist for healthcare institutions to support local childcare?
  • What impact does childcare have on health outcomes?
  • What impact does childcare have on the financial operations of a hospital?
  • How can local childcare providers and advocates partner with healthcare institutions?
  • How can economic development practitioners utilize local hospitals to help solve childcare challenges?

Target Audience:

-- Healthcare employees interested in growing their economic development knowledge. Roles may include but are not limited to CEO, business development, community engagement, community relations, public relations, population health, development, etc.

-- Economic development practitioners interested in learning how to partner with healthcare institutions to solve local issues such as childcare.

The Community Economic Development Program offerings include:

  • Professional development trainings for RWHC Members focused on CED topics

  • Community Economic Analyses of interested Members’ communities through a partnership with UW Extension for facilitation
  • Compiling and disseminating relevant local economic data for RWHC Members
  • Developing a toolkit of effective CED strategies for Member use
  • Serving as a liaison to Wisconsin’s existing network of economic development professionals and resources
  • Acting as an accessible resource for Members on community economic development issues as they organically arise

Marie Barry, Director of Community Economic Development