Workforce Development (RWHC Members Only)

Continuing workforce shortages and intense competition have forced healthcare providers to consider creative ideas for recruiting and retaining staff. With that in mind, the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative provides workforce development services and programs exclusively to RWHC hospitals.

Rural Health Careers in Wisconsin

One program initiated by RWHC, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health, is Rural Health Careers in Wisconsin, is an interactive website created exclusively for rural Wisconsin hospitals and clinics. Rural Health Careers in Wisconsin allows RWHC hospitals and their affiliated clinics/nursing homes to: post clinical and non-clinical positions on the Internet; manage job postings; conduct resume searches; and access other related sites where positions can be posted. In addition, gives human resource managers the opportunity to: run reports, track positions, assess recruitment practices, examine vacancy rates, and compare data with other rural providers. RWHC hospitals obtain the added benefit of having their job postings cross-posted to other web sites appropriate to that particular position.

Qualified prospects are able to view every posted position that matches their qualifications and preferences. Neither the workforce development manager, nor RWHC, will steer candidates toward one facility or another. RWHC members will not be charged a fee for use of the Rural Health Careers in Wisconsin website, for successful matches, or incur any additional procurement/marketing costs. This service is paid for from each RWHC member’s quarterly assessment, so all members are encouraged to fully take advantage of this service!

RWHC is pleased announce that we are now have a customized version of this resource available to other State Offices of Rural Health or Cooperatives! Please visit to view a customized edition of Rural Health Careers in Colorado.

Recruitment Activities

Recruitment strategies include disseminating information about position openings via: web sites; contacting career associations; direct mailings; networking with technical college and university programs, program directors and career services; displays at career fairs/professional meetings; presentations at state and national conferences; and listings on the Rural Health Careers in Wisconsin website. The recruiter is also available to provide supplemental assistance for those facilities in need of temporary or internal recruitment assistance.

In addition, the workforce development manager focuses on future healthcare workforce concerns. This is done through collaborative projects with state government organizations, technical colleges and universities, area health education centers, and local school districts.

Club Scrub Program

What is a respiratory therapist? What do they do? What about a laboratory technician…or a physical therapist? What happens in the emergency room? Who works there? Middle school-age students can get the answer to these questions and others at Club Scrub, a new health careers program.

Club Scrub is an after-school program designed to spark interest in health-related careers among 7th and 8th grade students through informative, hands-on activities. Students have the opportunity to speak with health care providers, try things out in a variety of hospital departments, (including the laboratory, nursing areas, emergency room, surgery, and various therapy departments), and gather educational materials. Participants will also be able to win cool prizes and try their hand at suturing and applying splints in a controlled setting, in addition to checking out the operating room, laboratory, and much more.

The primary goal of the program is to increase awareness of health-related professions and the numerous career opportunities that are available in the health sciences. Club Scrub is a great opportunity for students to acquire this knowledge by working side-by-side with healthcare employees working in the field.

For an online toolkit with all the resources you need to start a program, go to,  or contact

**Club Scrub was made possible with the financial support from the Wisconsin Rural Hospital Flexibility Program and State Offices of Rural Health funding through the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy.


For additional information about the RWHC workforce development services, contact Jo Anne Preston at (800) 225-2531 or


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