Community Economic Development Presentations

Recorded Presentations

Economic Development for Healthcare Leaders

April 20, 2022

Identify success stories where health care leadership have played an active role in local or regional ED initiatives and understand the implications for the local health care sector.


Rural Transportation: To Hospitals, Clinics and Beyond

April 13, 2022

Participants will learn about how transportation affects health outcomes, how the Missouri Rural Health Association created and operates their HealthTran rural transportation program, and what resources are available to Wisconsin communities that are looking to improve their rural transportation programs and options.

Community Economic Development and Healthcare: What's the Connection?

February 2, 2022

For years, economic development professionals and healthcare providers functioned as separate industries. Now, there is a growing understanding of how the work of these two fields interacts and impacts shared outcomes. Join RWHC, UW Extension and the UW Population Health Institute to examine how the evolution of both fields has led to synergies that now necessitate collaboration to ensure that communities are the healthiest they can be, economically and on an individual level.

The Continuum of Care: Childcare and Healthcare

November 2, 2021

Learn about:

  • How healthcare institutions can use their existing assets to support and increase local childcare capacity
  • What motivators exist for healthcare institutions to support local childcare
  • What impact childcare has on health outcomes
  • What impact does childcare have on the financial operations of a hospital
  • How to partner with healthcare institutions to solve local broadband challenges
Healthcare Partnerships for Downtown Success

Sept 2, 2021

2020 highlighted for many that health is integral to economic well-being. Extending partnerships with healthcare institutions beyond the pandemic and integrating cross-sector approaches to development into your toolkit can result in healthier, more economically vibrant communities. Join WEDC and RWHC to learn about how healthcare providers have partnered with communities in downtown development across Wisconsin.

Rural Infrastructure Intersections: Healthcare and Broadband

Aug 17, 2021

Learn about:

  • Rural broadband issues and solutions
  • Why healthcare organizations should engage in broadband work
  • How health and broadband relate
  • How to partner with local economic development practitioners to solve broadband challenges
  • How to partner with healthcare institutions to solve local broadband challenges
Housing + Hospitals in Rural Wisconsin

May 25, 2021

Learn about:

  • What housing issues are facing rural Wisconsin
  • How to engage the community around housing issues
  • What has worked to combat housing issues in rural Wisconsin
  • How housing impacts health outcomes
  • How housing impacts healthcare, including financially