Outpatient Satisfaction Survey

As consumers become more educated about health care and competition increases, it becomes critical for you to measure the satisfaction level of your patients and other customers on a daily basis. Every encounter with your staff provides an opportunity to enhance the quality of care and service at your facility.

Health care facilities spend significant time and money on quality improvement and a key measure in this process is patient satisfaction. It is important for you to have access to reliable data that you can use and trust. There is a growing number of organizations publishing generalized "report cards" on health care entities which are readily available via the Internet.

Regulatory agencies such as JCAHO and NCQA require facilities to gather, assess and act upon information regarding patient satisfaction. Also, employers and health plans are considering patient satisfaction data when negotiating contracts.

The RWHC Survey provides easy-to-understand reports that will allow you to make sound QI decisions. The RWHC Survey generates responses that can affect your financial bottom line, such as a patient’s overall satisfaction and their desire to return to your facility for follow-up care. Reports are web-based and updated daily.

The items included in the RWHC Outpatient Satisfaction Survey reflect the expertise of a diverse group of health care professionals who developed the instrument in partnership with a nationally recognized health care survey consultant. The RWHC Survey is useful in a variety of settings because it focuses on practical patient issues that occur on a daily basis. Specific topics include:

  • Access to your facility
  • Respect for patient values
  • Rapport levels with all providers
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Quality of care
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Subjective comments and complaints

The RWHC Outpatient Satisfaction Survey is "visit-specific"; a patient would complete it as soon as possible after visiting your facility in order to get current information about their experience. The RWHC Survey is administered via mail.

If you would like additional information about the RWHC Outpatient Satisfaction Survey, please contact Mary Jon Hauge at (608) 643-2343.

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