CAHPS Hospital Survey

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The CAHPS Hospital Survey, a program of the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), is designed to collect patient satisfaction information from hospital inpatients. Hospitals paid under the Prospective Payment System are required to participate in this program in order to receive their full market basket payment. Although Critical Access hospitals are not required to participate for payment purposes, many choose to participate for the purpose of quality improvement as well as the opportunity to have their satisfaction date publicly reported. These results can also be a great marketing tool as initial public reporting has shown that smaller hospitals frequently have greater patient satisfaction then larger hospitals.

RWHC is an approved vendor for this program. CMS has established standard methodologies based on the type of survey process utilized. RWHC is using the mail mode of surveying. This consists of two mailings, within prescribed timeframes, to each patient discharged from your hospital who meets the established criteria. Pediatric patients under eighteen and Psychiatric patients are excluded.

Our primary client focus is hospitals of a smaller size. We understand that staff at a smaller hospital frequently have a variety of responsibilities Thus, our program is designed to keep your workload to a minimum. The only responsibility your hospital has related to this process is to provide the patient information to RWHC on a regular basis. RWHC will do all of the processing including:

  • Mailing the surveys
  • Tracking responses
  • Mailing follow-up surveys to non-responders
  • Maintaining a hot line to answer patient questions about the survey
  • Uploading data to CMS (as appropriate)
  • Providing participating hospitals with a response rate for their facility
  • Generating real time reports.

Report data is updated daily so that you always have the most current data available for your review. Reports include trending and benchmarking data. Since we focus on smaller hospitals, you are assured that you are benchmarked with similar size facilities. Our reports provide data for 9 rolling quarters, so you can monitor trends as well. Participants find this information valuable for quality improvement plans.

We have been diligent in developing a straight forward and financially efficient program for small hospitals. We also have a variety of outpatient surveys available, unrelated to the CAHPS Hospital Survey. If you would like more information about any of these survey tools, please contact Mary Jon Hauge at 800-225-2531 or

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