ICD-10-CM or ICD-10-CM/PCS Exams

If you have completed your ICD-10 code set education and want to test your skills and validate that you possess a clear understanding of the ICD-10 system... Then Look No Further!

Sheila Goethel and Susan Summerfield– both AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainers – have developed exams to demonstrate your knowledge of both CM and PCS systems and provide ICD-10 competency to your employer. These exams will test applied knowledge of the ICD-10 conventions, guidelines, format, characters, and code structures.  Separate exams are available and are based on your learned application and responsibilities within your role.  Both exams were constructed to test your coding proficiency of learned ICD-10 concepts. The CM exam includes 60 questions and sets out to challenge the outpatient, clinic, and long term care coder. The CM and PCS exam contains 100 questions (60 CM and 40 PCS) which will definitely challenge any hospital inpatient coder.


 More details regarding the exams:

  • CM exam includes questions from all CM chapters and case scenarios for all settings (hospital, clinic, and long term care).
  • CM/PCS exam was constructed for the inpatient coder, as it contains challenging CM questions, as well as tests your knowledge of PCS content, tables, format, and characters.  (CM exam questions are consistent with the CM questions on the CM/PCS tests).
  • Exams are web based, so tester can take exam at their leisure.
  • System allows for flexibility so tester can log in/out of exam without submitting for scoring purposes.
  • Exam questions will shuffle, so any two coders will not receive the same test.
  • Individuals passing with 80% accuracy will receive AHIMA ICD-10 CEUs. (2 for CM, 4 for CM/PCS). 
  • System will allow tester three attempts to reach 80% accuracy.
  • After registration, tester has 3 months to complete the exam. 3 months will start when upon registration.
  • Questions were constructed using 2014 CM/PCS books.

Pricing and Registration:

  • CM exam $30/test
  • CM/PCS exam $50/test

Essential Registration Information:

  •  Tester can bill your facility or your personal account. Credit card or PayPal are accepted.
  • Registration includes development of unique passwords for each tester so registration is
    encouraged to be completed by test taker.
  • After registration, system will send instructional email. 
-  Those that have access to RWHC portal will utilize established username/password. 
-  For those without RWHC portal access, instructional email will contain login information to activate their account.

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