Supporting Employee and Patient Families with Child Care Assistance

Supporting Employee and Patient Families with Child Care Assistance

RWHC is an active member of  Wisconsin Partners because we know nothing happens in a vacuum. By partnering with other statewide associations, we have been able to identify common ground and find ways to better work together.

Childcare has emerged as a top priority in all three of Wisconsin Partners’ regional groups. We’ve seen how childcare has been a challenge for parents, grandparents, providers, and employers, thereby affecting the community at large. And, even though a state child care subsidy program exists, less than 10% of income-eligible families use it.

Our goal is to increase awareness of Wisconsin Shares, because we believe this is important to rural healthcare. Through collaboration with RWHC, the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association developed the following materials about Wisconsin Shares, available at:

  1. Information for staff
  2. Information for families
  3. Communication guide
  4. Flyer
  5. Presentation slides

We hope these materials will be useful for your employees and patients. They can be tailored to your community using local agency information (links are included in the documents)

If you would like additional training and support from the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association, including an optional webinar, please contact Rachel Peller (


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