RWHC Mystery Shopper Program - 2017

Starts: 5/17/2017

Ends: 8/10/2017

RWHC is pleased to announce the 2017 Mystery Shopper Program. This program aligns RWHC Member hospitals that are willing to “mystery shop” one another’s facilities to help each hospital improve their customer service experience.

RWHC Mystery Shopper Program

There are three main components to the program:

1. Live Shopper experience at your hospital: A staff person from another RWHC Member hospital will arrive at your facility to learn more about your services. This will be done under a pre-determined scenario such as “My mother is coming to live with us and I want to learn about your rehab services,” or “My sister is moving to this town and she had questions about your labor and delivery services.” The Shopper will report on their experience interacting with your staff, report on signage, noise levels, cleanliness, ease of navigation, and any other notable occurrences during their visit.

2. Phone Shopper: This will be used to determine consistency of branding and staff interactions during phone calls to your hospital. Calls will occur during multiple shifts and days, and will be completed within a two-week period. Scripts for different calls will be provided so that the caller has specific instructions, e.g. “I am sorry, I meant to contact the Therapy department, could you please transfer me,” or “What are your clinic/urgent care hours?” The volume of calls will be determined by your hospital, but will be no less than 30 calls to maintain some statistical relevance. Calls should be made from cell phones so a hospital name does not show up on caller ID.

3. Website Shopper: This will be used to evaluate your hospital's website in terms of ease of navigation, consistency of branding, overall appearance, relevant and current information, etc.

Participating Hospital Requirements:

  • Identify a “Mystery Shopper” from your hospital for the three components of the program
  • The Mystery Shopper will participate in the Mystery Shopper Orientation Training Webinar on Wednesday, May 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
      • Please note: Returning Shoppers are not required to attend the training. Shoppers will leave training with an understanding of the purpose/process of the mystery shopping experience, be comfortable with and understand the rating tools, create/practice their in-person scenarios, and how to troubleshoot any potential problems that may arise. Our goal is that Shoppers leave feeling comfortable and ready for the experience.
  • “Take Out What You Put In.” If you have a Live Shopper visit your hospital, then you provide a staff person to travel to another participating hospital in return. The same applies to a Phone Shopper and a Website Shopper; if you receive this service, you must provide the same service to another participating hospital.
  • Each participating hospital agrees to cover all travel, telephone, or related expenses for their staff.

RWHC Requirements:

  • Monitor and assign Shoppers to ensure that anonymity is maintained for the Shopper, and that any non-negotiables are identified for the hospital (e.g. hospitals with overlapping marketplaces may not want to be mystery shopped by one another). Work with Members to identify potential Shoppers
  • Assign and facilitate Shopping Experiences between Members
  • Act as a liaison between the Shopper and the Hospital being shopped
  • Maintain anonymity of all Shoppers
  • Train all Shoppers on how to provide a comprehensive experience and report
  • Provide and review all reports to the hospital that has been “shopped”


  • May: Shopper Training on May 17 
  • June/July: Shopping occurs (live, phone and website) 
  • August: Shoppers submit reports to RWHC by August 10 
  • September: Final reports sent to hospital CEO 

RWHC is pleased to offer this service at no cost to Members!  

Upon registration, you will receive an automated email with a link to the Memorandum of Understanding for you to complete and return to RWHC. If your hospital would like to participate in the program, please register by May 10

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Carrie Ballweg, Education Services Manager, RWHCcballweg@rwhc.com, 608-643-2343.

2. Phone Shopper: 
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