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Manage Stress Before It Manages You -2021

Event Starts: 11/19/2021 8:30 AM

Event Ends: 11/19/2021 12:30 PM

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Manage Stress Before
It Manages You


Friday, November 19, 2021
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 P.M CDT

Registration Deadline: October 29th

RWHC Member & Affiliate Member: $125 per person
Non-RWHC Member: $150 per person


0.4 CEUs
RWHC is a CEU provider through the Wisconsin Society for Healthcare Education & Training (WISHET)

Instructor: Cella Janisch-Hartline, RN, BSN, Nursing Leadership Senior Manager, RWHC, PCC Certified Professional Coach

Program Description: The reality is, if you work in health care, you need and deserve this day! Dealing with stress can be a laughing matter. This workshop is designed to give you real tools to decrease your stress while finding your sense of humor and injecting some fun into your life.

Participants will learn to:
  1. Identify the long term physiological effects of stress
  2. Learn the research on the beneficial effects of humor (and experience some of it in the workshop)
  3. Complete a stress self-assessment and set personal goals for reducing the negative effects of stress in your life
  4. Experience 3 powerful, replicable stress relieving tools

Consider this program if the following are mostly true for you:

  • You have no life
  • Work is your address
  • Your family forgot what you look like
  • The family picture on the desk does not include you- you were at work at the time of the photo shoot
  • You can’t remember the last time you laughed so hard you had to rush to the bathroom
  • You are concerned about your own and/or your employees’ stress level which is negatively impacting productivity
  • You find yourself making more negative than positive comments about work and don’t have the energy and passion you used to have for it
  • You are putting in more hours but getting less done, often feeling overwhelmed
  • You often have thoughts about getting out of healthcare altogether

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