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Nurse Residency Program - Cohort 1: Oct 2021 - Sept 2022

Event Starts: 10/26/2021

Event Ends: 9/27/2022

Leadership Series
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Leadership Residency Program

October 2021 –September 2022


RWHC Office & Training Center
880 Independence Lane  
Sauk City, WI 53583

Registration deadline is August 30


RWHC Members:

$1,700 for first nurse,
$850 for each additional nurse

Non-RWHC Members:

$2,040 for first nurse,
$1,020 for each additional nurse

Space is limited, so please register early.

PLEASE NOTE: The program fee is NON-refundable.Do not send payment; RWHC will invoice your organization.

Program Description

The RWHC Nurse Residency Program is a twelve-month structured program offering support for the nurse graduate through monthly learning days and the support of an experienced nurse, a Clinical Coach.

Program Coordinator
Erin Smital, RN, Nursing Professional Development Educator, Nurse Residency Coordinator, RWHC

Program Goals

The goals of the program are to help the nurse resident:

  • Transition successfully to a competent practitioner
  • Enhance his/her ability to provide quality, evidence-based care
  • Advance critical thinking ability
  • Improve skills in clinical decision-making
  • Commit to life-long learning
  • Engage in a clinical nurse leadership role

Nurse Resident Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for this program, the nurse resident needs to:

  • Have graduated within the last two years or are returning to active practice*
  • Have passed the NCLEX and be licensed in Wisconsin*
*These are negotiable.

Nurse residents are expected to: 

  • Attend all monthly learning sessions
  • Arrange schedule to avoid working night shift immediately prior to session
  • Complete preparatory work for the monthly learning sessions
  • Be engaged in the learning process
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"RWHC is the reason that I am still in nursing. My first year out of nursing school I was lucky enough to attend the Nurse Residency program. While nurse residency helped with the day to day stress of taking your knowledge and actually applying it to real patients without supervision, for me it was so much more. It was a place to laugh, a place to commiserate, a place to cry and a place to feel safe with people who were going through the same things I was. Thank you RWHC for offering this wonderful program."
-- Nikki S., Nurse Residency Participant

“The Nurse Residency program takes the overwhelming amount of information you get in nursing school and ties it all together based on things you are experiencing every day at your work place. It is a wonderful learning environment that fosters effective interdisciplinary communication and encourages you to question you and your workplaces practices. I would recommend this program to not only nurses who are just starting their practices, but also those who have been practicing for years as it provides information that is applicable to every ’level’ of nurse."
-- Jessica M., Nurse Residency Participant

"Critical thinking is something that new nurses struggle with and develop over time. This program helps develop these skills in a number of different areas throughout the time of the program. Nurses that have gone through this program seem to have a better sense of critical thinking upon completion."
-- Heidi S., Clinical Educator

"What I valued about the Nurse Residency Program was a safe place to share both struggles and successes that I was experiencing as a new nurse. I was able to learn from my peers as they shared their experiences as well. I learned how to stand up for myself and to own my own actions, and to deal with workplace conflicts in a positive way. Those are things that are not taught in school and are valuable tools that I took with me into my career as a new nurse. I would highly recommend the Nurse Residency Program to every new nurse."
-- Tammy T., Nurse Residency Participant

Cohort 1:

Learning Sessions

October 26, 2021 Session 1:
Building Capacity to Learn
November 23, 2021 Session 2:
Building Capacity within the Self
December  21, 2021 Session 3:
Building Capacity as a Team Member
January 25, 2022 Session 4:
Building Capacity as a Practitioner: Respiratory
February 22, 2022 Session 5:
Building Capacity as a Practitioner: Cardiovascular
March 22, 2022 Session 6:
Building Capacity as a Practitioner:
Endocrine and Immune System/Shock
April 26, 2022 Session 7:
Building Capacity as a Practitioner: GI and Renal
May 24, 2022 Session 8:
Building Capacity as a Practitioner: Pediatrics, Gerontology and End of Life
June 28, 2022 Session 9:
Building a Capacity as a Practitioner: Neurological and Pain
July 26, 2022 Session 10:
Building Capacity as a Practitioner: Musculoskeletal & Integument
August 30, 2022 Session 11:
Building Capacity within the Organization
September 27, 2022 Session 12:
Building Capacity within the Profession